English Teacher in Japan wanted mainly in Tokyo.

native English teacher wanted mainly in Tokyo.
native English teacher wanted mainly in Tokyo.

Working conditions brief
Area / Japan
Type / Part time
Place / In a cafe that you and your student choose.
Time / Depends on students' requests and your availability.
Pay / 2,400 yen per 1 hour.

*If you are not in Japan now.

English teacher wanted.
We offer our students one-on-one English lessons with native speakers. We think the one-on-one style is the best way to learn English.

One of the important things to master something is to continue it. So we want our students to keep taking lessons and we're providing our services shown below for our students' continuity.

1. Students can take lessons at some cafes near the station where his/her teacher suggests.
2. Students can take lessons at a reasonable price(2,400 yen / hour).
3. Students pay the teacher directly after each lesson.

The place, time and length of each lesson will be decided by a student and his/her teacher according to each other's schedule availability and circumstances. But the place is normally fixed at some cafes near the station which the student appointed at first.

The lessons are conversation based. The main role of the teacher is to check the students conversation ability and to correct them when they make mistakes.

For our students, we must keep offering high-quality lessons and that's why we need your help. We hope you will join us soon.

English tutor wanted.
Please go to the application page, fill out the application form and push apply button.

English tutor wanted.
Students choose a suitable teacher by looking up the teachers list in our homepage. After your applicaion, your information will be soon addded to the list and then you can be chosen.

When one of our students chooses you, we will contact you and arrange the date and time for the first lesson. The first lesson may be a free trial lesson.

English teacher wanted.
Lessons are to be conducted in the teachers own style, based on students request. There are two important things you must keep in your mind. At firt, students can take a free trial lesson at first time to decide whether they apply formally. Secondly, the teacher and the student can come to an agreement about what is expected or required at future lessons.

English teacher wanted.
If the student is satisfied at the trial lesson, he or she will join our program formally and make an appointment for the next lesson through us. Subsequent lessons should be conducted directly through the teacher and student and the lesson fee is to be paid by the student to the teacher directly.

Native English teacher wanted!

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